Pandora’s Snatch was included in Gallery Gallery’s AR exhibition in Varna, Bulgaria, summer 2024, as part of the Buna Festival. The curators, Albena Baeva and Rene Beekman, located Pandora’s Snatch next to the Roman Thermae. a ruin from the 2nd century CE. The exhibition was titled “In the Empty, Still Undeveloped Space of the City. ” Albena and Rene are the founding directors of Gallery Gallery. Read more here. 

Pandora’s Snatch reframes the myth that links the two artworks: When Prometheus gave fire to men on earth, Zeus was angry. In an act of vengeance, he created the first woman, and sent her with a jar full of trouble. But his misogyny backfired as Pandora-earth-goddess brought the cycles of life and death and the promise of a beginning wherever there is an end. Love to Mary Beth Edelson and Nancy Spero for power. Pandora is all-gifted, the first woman of earth and water, and she-who-sends-up-gifts-and-vengeance.

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