Three Short Science Fictions: The Double, The Formula and The Tower


1. The Double
(2009, 9.5m) is a one of three Ficciones, short, low-fi sci-fi narratives that Drum made between 2007-2009. The Double is loosely based on Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Directed, written, produced and edited by me, the work features performances by Juliana Francis, Nadia Mahdi and Kameron Steele, camera by Sandy Amerio and a sound scape by Shannon Fields. The Double received a positive review by Ken Johnson in the NYTimes: And it has exhibited in a number of institutions including the Ruffin Gallery at the University of Virginia, Galapagos Art Space and the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

2. The Formula
(2008, 7m) is a narrative about an unsolvable math equation, a time-machine, jealousy and a wild, young dog.

3. The Tower
(2007, 6m) follows a woman as she walks through the dunes of a feral sea-side park, trying to avoid the advances of a fellow wanderer and looking for a cell tower and a place to plant a rose.

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