Below you will find seven documentary videos stacked one after another.
Titles: Taking Residence: A History of A.I.R. Gallery; Louisiana Re-storied; Fritz Haeg’s Animal Estates at the Whitney; Mouna; Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology’s Sustainability Research Group; Helen and Newton Harrison; Artists and Health Insurance: An Archive of Stories.


Taking Residence: A History of A.I.R. Gallery
Taking Residence (2008, 16.5m) narrates the history of AIR Gallery, the first non-profit, all-women’s gallery in the country, founded in 1972 in SOHO, NYC. The documentary was made on the occasion of a history show about AIR at Fales Library and the Tracey/Barry Gallery at New York University. The work was produced by Kat Griefen and AIR Gallery with major funding provided by Fales Library. The video was directed, shot and edited by Meredith Drum.



Louisiana Re-storied
Louisiana Re-storied (2011-ongoing, installation, time variable) while this is a non-linear installation, I am cross-listing this work as the main mode of this work is cinematic documentary. More info here.



Video Journalism: Fritz Haeg’s Animal Estates
Fritz Haeg’s Animal Estates (2008, 3.5m) was published in March of 2008 on the NYTimes Style Magazine on line,, under The Videos/Curated Shorts. The profile includes interviews with Haeg and with Eric Sanderson, Senior Conservation Ecologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society, regarding the Animal Estates project at the 2008 Whitney Biennial. The piece was directed produced and edited by Meredith Drum. Music by Shannon Fields.



Mouna (2011, 12m) is a video essay about a woman who served as actress, translator and guide for a film crew traveling across Morocco in 2005; I was the film’s cinematographer. The essay consists of footage that I shot of Mouna and other actors and crew members when we were off duty. A reflexive project, which I composed several years after, it is my attempt to imagine Mouna’s experience of the filming and, later, her difficult immigration to the U.S.



Video Journalism: Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology
Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology Sustainability Research Center (2008, 3.5m) profiles ecological tools created by artists at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology in New York City. The piece includes interviews with Eyebeam Director Amanda McDonald Crowley and Eyebeam fellow Michael Mandiberg. Directed, produced, shot and edited by Meredith Drum. Music by Zach Layton.



Video Journalism: Helen and Newton Harrison
Helen and Newton Harrison (2010, 1m) This is a sketch for a longer documentation of the seminal work of Helen and Newton Harrison, with imagery from their 2010 show at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California. Music by Zach Layton. This video was included with the announcement that the Harrisons would give a keynote address during the 2010 College Art Association conference, NYC. The video was directed, shot and edited by Meredith Drum.



Artists and Health Insurance: An Archive of Stories
Artists and Health Insurance (2009, 15m) was made in collaboration with artist Grisha Coleman and the Actor’s Fund Artist Health Insurance Resource Center (AHIRC) and Leveraging Investments in Creativity. The piece documents stories collected by Grisha Coleman and Meredith Drum during health insurance workshops presented in Miami as part of AHIRC’s multi-city outreach program. The piece also presents Coleman’s own multi-faceted tale of a health crisis experienced while under-insured. The piece was produced and directed by Grisha Coleman and filmed and edited by Meredith Drum.



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