Working with Rachel Stevens on our Fish Stories at our LMCC studios space at 100 Wall Street, September, 2015

Installation in Dubai as part of ISEA2014

I am excited to travel to the UAE in late October to install a new version of my interactive doc Louisiana Re-storied in a gallery space in the old part of Dubai (Al Fahidi Historical District). The occasion is ISEA2014. I will also be giving an academic paper on November 5, part of the conference section of the symposium.

Oyster City Workshops at the NY Harbor School

In March, Rachel Stevens and I led four augmented reality workshops at the NY Harbor School, a unique public high school focused on marine careers and marine biology located on Governors Island. The students designed place-based monuments to their unique learning experiences on the island. To make and locate the virtual monuments we used the Blender software (open-source 3D modeling and animation) and Aurasma studio. Since we ran into a number or technical snafus, we plan to offer improved versions of the workshops at the school again in the fall of 2014.

AR as Critical Practice Article to be published in AR[t]

My article, “Place-based, Somatic Augmented Reality as Critical Practice” will be published in the upcoming issue of AR[t] magazine, a publication run by researchers at the AR Lab (Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague), Delft University of Technology, and Leiden University. My article considers place-based work by Teri Rueb (a document of Rueb’s No Places With Names above) and by Manifest AR (particularly Border Memorial by John Craig Freeman and Mark Skwarek, also above). The article also seeks precedents for contemporary somatic AR in works by Jeffrey Shaw (Golden Calf, 1994) and Rebecca Allen (Coexistence, 2001). Another iteration of my research project was published as a short article in Media-N Journal, summer 2013.

PHATT-B @ Pratt – I’m hosting a panel discussion

I will be hosting a panel discussion as part of Pratt Institute’s PHATT-B, a one-day festival of electronic art. My panel starts at 11:30am and is called: Augmented Reality as Critical Practice. My panelists are Teri Rueb, Sarah Drury, Mark Skwarek, and John Craig Freeman. I am excited. Should be a good day that also features some fantastic people including a keynote by Eva and Franco Mattes (a document of their work above). If interested, please visit the event webpage. Here is the description of my panel. As the capacity of handheld devices has increased, and new augmented reality software has made production more accessible, there has been a corresponding surge of AR projects produced by artists concerned with place and situation. In what ways can these projects refocus attention in virtual and actual public spaces, and provide platforms for expanded public discourse? How do these artists produce within the boundaries of mobile AR, navigating common limitations (small screens, jumpy GPS, device dependency narrowing audience), to create meaningful experiences? This panel starts with the premise that artist-produced AR has the potential to significantly alter our relationship to cultural, political and social phenomena and to other bodies—humans, animals, plants, built structures, landforms and visible and invisible machines. Four artists producing critical place-based AR—Teri Rueb, Sarah Drury, John Craig Freeman and Mark Skwarek—will discuss their concepts, processes and choices with the audience and moderator Meredith Drum.

Images Open Studio LMCC Gov Island July 13 + 14

start game Governors Island

oyster city fort jay gov island

Oyster City Bird Coin Gov Island

A few shots taken using our Oyster City app; this is just prior to our July Swing Space Open Studio on Governors Island, NYC. Rachel and I are happy that we were granted this space, March – July 2013, by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. These shots show the Aquaculture site of Oyster City being played/experienced. Oyster City is an iOS app as walking tour and game being produced by Meredith Drum and Rachel Stevens in collaboration with Phoenix Toews.

Oyster City test shots out on Governor’s Island, July 2013



Rachel Stevens and I are testing different augmented reality elements for our Oyster City AR app here on Governor’s Island (NYC) during our Lower Manhattan Cultural Council swing space residency. These are screen shots of our tests. Oyster City is an environmentally focused walking tour and game as augmented reality iOS app. It will be released this summer as a free download on the Mac app store. We hope to move to other platforms soon, droid and windows. We want to expand our audience beyond those with Mac products. Our programming resources are limited, though, and programming for multi-platform takes a good bit of time so this is still on the wish list. If any programmer would like to donate time to the project, we would be thrilled.

My talk on AR at a New Media Caucus event, CAA Feb. 2013


My talk on AR at a New Media Caucus event, CAA Feb. 2013

I presented a 7-minute “Lightening Talk” on Augmented Reality and the active human body at a New Media Caucus event during the College Art Association Conference in NYC, Feb. 2013.

CATT app at Scope Miami

Image of CATT at the Scope Art Fair, Miami 2012. CATT is an AR iPhone/iPad app made by digital arts graduate students at Pratt in collaboration with Augmented Mountain (Phoenix Toews, Mitch Miller and me).

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