Below you will find eight videos — fictional narratives, animations and experimental essays. Titles: The Double; Countach Belfort; Old Trash Dead Horse; Mouna; Aurélia; Body without Organs; Search for Delicious; Car Wash.


1. The Double
The Double (2009, 9.5m) is a short, low-fi sci-fi loosely based on Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Directed, written, produced and edited by me, the work features performances by Juliana Francis, Nadia Mahdi and Kameron Steele, camera by Sandy Amerio and a sound scape by Shannon Fields. The Double received a positive review by Ken Johnson in the NYTimes: And it has exhibited in a number of institutions including the Ruffin Gallery at the University of Virginia, Galapagos Art Space and the Bronx Museum of the Arts.




3. Old Trash Dead Horse
Old Trash, Dead Horse (2010, 3m) is an excerpt of a longer four-channel document of a multifaceted research project regarding the history of a 19th-century landfill, a dumping grounds for household waste and dead horses. The area, desolate and infrequently visited, is now a feral section of the larger Gateway National Park. Tides have exposed an odd assortment of antique trash. A collage of investigations under the noon sun and by flashlight at sunrise, the piece was made in collaboration with choreographer Sara White-Ayon with Colin Stilwell and Rebecca Brooks. Shot and edited by Meredith Drum.




4. Mouna
Mouna (2011, 12m) is a video essay about a woman who served as actress, translator and guide for a film crew traveling across Morocco in 2005; I was the film’s cinematographer. The essay consists of footage that I shot of Mouna and other actors and crew members when we were off duty. A reflexive project, which I composed several years after, it is my attempt to imagine Mouna’s experience of the filming and, later, her difficult immigration to the U.S. (Mouna is also listed under documentary as it fits in both categories.)



5. Aurélia
Aurélia (2006, silent, 5m) is a work of dance on video with performers Leigh Garret and Jean-Marie Leary. The title of the work references a collection of poems by Gérard de Nerval



6. Body without Organs
Body Without Organs (2005, 6m) is a mash-up of a cooking show, featuring a recipe from Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, with text from Deleuze and Guattari.



7. Search for Delicious
Search for Delicious (2007, 13m) is a video essay, featuring Juliana Francis-Kelly, cycles through cultural models of wilderness and desire.



8. Car Wash
Car Wash (2005,7m) is a 4-channel collaborative work with camera by Meredith Drum, Autumn Rooney, Mark Grubstein, and Josefina Blanc. Editing by Meredith Drum. Sound design by Meredith and Ryan Sawyer. Car Wash, which is intended to be projected on 4 separate screens in a box formation, screened during one of Monkey Town’s inaugural events in 2005 (when MT was located on Leonard Street, Brooklyn).



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